• Ancient history and not only..

    The Ceno Valley has been inhabited since the Neolithic age and it was a transient strategic valley from the Lombard period up to the Renaissance. The Romans used to call this area “PAGIS SALUTARIS” due to its salubrious climate.
    The symbol of Bardi is its Landi Castle: it was built on an old Longobard outpost and the first documented written appear in the year 898. Since then, the history of this valley is inextricably bound to that of the Castle, and its grandeur is in the Renaissance, when Bardi is the capital of an independent state where the reigning Prince had the right to life and death over his subjects and could coin money.
    And it is in this period full of splendor that legends and ghosts appear…

  • One never gets bored in the Ceno Valley

    This B&B is part of the Val Noveglia Mushroom Union, where one can pick the typical Porcini and delicious Truffles. While walking in the mountains one can come upon underwood fruits such as wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, hazelnuts and chestnuts. If you love trekking the Ceno Valley is just what you need! There are fantastic routes which you can cover on foot or by MTB where you can find botanical rarities (53 different kinds of wild orchids) and breath taking views. All this with an excellent service of hiking guides at your disposal. The world- famous Parmesan cheese is produced at its best in this area. If you stay with us you can have a guided visit to the local biological cheese factory and you can buy cheese directly from the producer. If instead you just simply want to relax, especially in the hot summer months, you can enjoy lying in the sun in the river Ceno and you can bathe in its crystal clear waters. You can also take part in all the events that Bardi offers, from pageants to the numerous village fairs where you can enjoy music and taste the local food in a traditional and pleasant atmosphere.

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